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Flexitank, which is made ​​of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP), is a soft, high-strength, light-weight and disposable bladder used for the bulk shipments of non-hazardous liquid materials within a standard 20-foot ISO containerThe installation of a 24,000-liter flexitank takes approximately 10-20 minutes. Once the installation is completed, it is merely a matter of connecting hoses to the flexitank and then turning on a pump to commence loading. Depending on the viscosity of the product, the loading period can take as few as 30-45 minutes. Once the loading is completed, the loaded flexitank within the ISO container can be transported by rail, road or ship.

The overall benefits of using a BLT flexitank in transportation are cost effective in comparison with ISO tank containers or IBCs.

-- High payloads, low weight and space.

-- No return, cleaning and demurrage cost.

-- Lower labor/time consuming for handling & loading.

-- Clean asepsis and no risk of contamination.

-- Environmentally friendly.

-- No forklift required.

-- Can be rapidly positioned by airfreight if urgently needed.

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